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Event: Bespoke Fitness Programmes


Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer Oliver Ody now has bespoke online fitness programmes available.

These are pre-made programmes or bespoke personalised programs.

All programmes come with video demonstrations and technical help for the exercises on the mypthub app which is free to sign up and download.

Oly will add tips and additional notes to the programmes.

Bespoke programmes suitable for all after analysis of a comprehensive consultation form which will help provide the best online training experience/programme possible.

To find out more visit his website to have a look at the packages and discounts available.

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Event: FREE Back Care Classes

If you'd like to find out how to look after your spine better, know the best position to sleep in, find out what the best posture exercises are and how your spine and nervous system work to maintain your health then give the clinic a ring to book a place on one of our classes. Everyone welcome.


Wednesday 2nd 12.15pm

Wednesday 9th  6.45pm

Wednesday 16th 12.15pm

Wednesday 23rd 6.45pm

Wednesday 30th 12.15pm

Here are some comments from guests who have recently attended. “Informative & fun”, “Interesting to learn about subtle changes that we can make to help ourselves”, “my favourite part was using the sticks to measure our own alignment”.

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Event: Homeopathy Special Offer


The body’s innate intelligence produces symptoms

as a warning signal and also in an attempt to heal

itself. Homeopathy uses remedies to stimulate the

body in its efforts to heal itself naturally.


Homeopaths appreciate the bodies amazing

intelligence and work with the body to help it

produce the symptoms and complete the process

of natural healing.


Special offer 25% off all homeopathy consultations in May.

Consultation Normally £60 now £45

To book your consultaion please Call Simone Oats on 01323 894479 or 07936192353

Or email


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Event: Mykel is off on his travels

Mykel is off on his travels! He is visiting South East Asia and Australia

We will miss him but hope he has a wonderful time

If you would like to keep track of him and read his news you can follow him on

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Event: New member of chiropractic team
For: We would like to welcome Gemma Crouch

Hello I’m Gemma Crouch, a Doctor of Chiropractic based at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne.

When I was a child, I was very sporty and always visited a chiropractor with my mother. I enjoyed the chiropractic adjustments that I received and was intrigued by how it worked.

When I was older and studying at university, I began to suffer from low back and leg pain whilst training for my first half marathon. I tried various things to help relieve my low back and leg pain but wasn’t getting any success. I was really frustrated because even though I was young and fit, I couldn’t do the sports and activities I loved to do. So, I decided to return to the chiropractor I had seen as a child.

The chiropractor I saw was caring and compassionate towards my story. They were very thorough, just like I remembered. Their chiropractic adjustments were gentle and very effective. Within a short period of time my low back and leg pain had resolved and I was back training and performing my favourite sports pain-free.

I’d enjoyed the chiropractic treatment when I was a child and as a student I was really impressed with the results. In fact, the amazing results I felt from my chiropractic care inspired me to become a chiropractor myself. I hoped I would help people as much as my chiropractor helped me.

Before starting my chiropractic education, I completed my first honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I graduated from the University of Bath where I achieved my hockey colours in 2014. I then began the 4-year Masters in Chiropractic course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic where my final year research project protocol was acknowledged by the Royal College of Chiropractors.

As a chiropractic student, I was lucky enough to be able to observe many highly skilled and excellent chiropractors in their clinics, including those here in Eastbourne at Lushington Chiropractic. I also attended many chiropractic seminars and conferences, where both chiropractors and students were given the opportunity to listen to the some of the most experienced and well-known chiropractors in the world. It was also an opportunity to hear from the leading members of the field on the most updated scientific research in chiropractic care.

Lushington Chiropractic is Eastbourne’s largest and most popular chiropractic and sports massage clinic. I was really keen to visit and observe the clinic because of the outstanding reputation in the chiropractic profession and locally. You can see the clinic’s considerable professional reputation is reflected by the many rewards and accolades it has achieved, as well as the testimonials and reviews from patients.

Following on from my opportunity to observe the chiropractors at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic during my visits to Eastbourne, I was delighted to be offered an associate position here in the clinic.

Since moving to Eastbourne, I have become attached to its seaside location and community feel and very much enjoy living and working in Eastbourne.  I continue to be very sporty and active and enjoy running along Eastbourne’s seafront.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), I am passionate and love helping people improve their function and enjoy a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic care. In my experience, I have treated people of all ages from babies to the elderly. I keep a keen interest in sports and I also enjoy treating guests (patients) with sporting backgrounds.

I also have a strong interest in pregnancy and paediatric care and have focused a lot of my continuing chiropractic professional development in that area. Chiropractic treatment helped me when I was a child and a teenager, which I why I enjoy helping people of all ages and stages of life.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Eastbourne, or you’ve got any questions, then contact us either to book a consultation or for a free complimentary chat.

Remember, chiropractic care is for the whole family, whatever your age or stage of life.

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Event: Hypnotherapist at Lushington chiropractic
For: Jose R. Lobo and Hypnotherapy at Lushington C

Jose is a qualified Hypnotherapist member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO), the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the Centre for Sports Hypnosis in the UK, and the National Guild of Hypnotists in the USA.


He has trained in Clinical, Medical and Sports Hypnosis at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, the UK College of Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies, and the Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute in New York.


Jose’s client-centred approach and his theoretical framework allow him to help people to find their inner resources for a wide range of physical conditions (i.e. chronic and acute pain, MS, IBS, tinnitus, skin disorders, etc.), emotional and behavioural inefficient mechanisms (i.e. stress, anxiety, phobia, depression, unwanted habits, weight management, etc.), and sports and professional performance.


When meeting Jose for a free initial consultation you should ask him to elaborate a little bit further upon his preferred answers for these two frequent questions:


1. Can you hypnotize me? Answer: Why shall I do to you something you have been doing to yourself so naturally well most part of your life and several times of this very day without realising how you do it and how much of your problems may have been created during an inefficient trance? (Who cannot be already hypnotized when reaching the end of his answer?!)


2. Can you treat my condition with hypnotherapy? Answer: I do not diagnose, I do not treat conditions, and you will not be my patient. Even (or mainly) during the most passive, relaxed, comfortable and pleasant moments of hypnosis, you will be a very active “learner”. In fact, I would like you to establish with me a working alliance in which rather than being a “physiotherapist” of your mind, I will be your “Personal Trainer”.


These two answers show why Jose is very glad to be working at Lushington Chiropractic, since:


A. Chiropractors at the clinic believe health comes from within. Hypnotherapists too.


B. Chiropractors at the clinic don’t treat diseases or conditions. As a hypnotherapist, Jose will help you to find the magnificent ‘healer’ sitting in your own mind and the best of you for reaching your goals.

If you would like to book a free consultation with Jose on a Thursday evening just call the clinic on 01323 722499

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Event: Back care classes

Our back care classes continue to be very popular

Anyone is welcome to come to a class whether they are new to chiropractic or have been coming to the clinic for years, there is always something new to learn!

Our next class is Wednesday 21st March at 6.45pm if you would like to come along just give us a call and we can book you in!

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Event: Health and posture checks

Well done to Gemma for seeing the large number of children that were booked in during the last half term for Health and posture checks

The clinic waived the normal fee in exchange for a donation to Barnardo's children's charity

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Event: Dr Revell talks to the WI

There was a great turnout recently at the Hampden Park Branch of the WI

James Revell talked to the audience of 60 about the benefits of chiropractic and ways of keeping yourself healthy and active

Well done James

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Event: Snow!!
For: Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who made it to the clinic for their appointments at the clinic despite the snow!

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Event: Mykel is returning!!
For: Welcome back Mykel

We are pleased to announce that Mykel is returning back to work at the clinic on Monday 9th April!

We look forward to hearing all about his amazing travels

If you have not been for a while and would like to get booked in to see Mykel just call the clinic on 01323 722499 and we will be pleased to make an appointment for you

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Event: Open Day

Keep your eyes on our website and Facebook page as we are planning our annual Open Day!

It will be a very interesting and informative day and we look forward to seeing you all there.... date to be arranged!

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Event: New massage therapist
For: Welcome Ryan Keats

Ryan has completed a BSc (hons) degree in sports therapy, a type of physical therapy which believes in manual techniques as an approach to the treatment and prevention of injury. During Ryan’s time with the University of Kent, he held the highest rehabilitation mark in the south east and was recognised as an ambassador for the university. His current evidence based treatment has been applied through clinical practice and on the field as a pitch side physical therapist at Eastbourne Borough FC.

Massage therapy is a type of treatment Ryan loves to do, and uses on a daily basis. He treats post event massage at marathons including the London Marathon for the Children’s trust.  His expertise in functional testing, scar tissue therapy, ultrasound therapy and rehabilitation therapy marries in with his excellent sports and therapeutic massage skills, making him an excellent practitioner for all specific needs. Ryan is a highly motivated individual with a genuinely caring nature, one of Lushington’s core values for clinical excellence. Ryan has experience owning and managing a sports injuries and rehab clinic, and has treated professional tennis players, and have assisted the treatment of Paralympians.

On a personal level, Ryan has a passion for coaching sport to adults with special educational needs. He is a carer to his younger sister alongside this, who also has special educational needs. He is a keen voluntary worker for organisations such as Cancer research UK, during which he and his team raised over 3.7 million pounds last summer, for funding vital research at events across the south and south east.


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Event: New massage therapist
For: Welcome Kim Brown

Hi my name is Kim Brown and i'm a sports massage therapist.

I live in Battle but have been coming to Eastbourne, for days out, for years.

I'm originally from London, after finishing my schooling at Marylebone Girls School I came to the Weald to work with horses at a hunter livery yard. I've always loved animals and outdoor life so it was great fun for me. After completing my British Horse Society exams I decided to go to Uni and studied Sports Studies at Brunel in London. I worked in several small gyms back in Sussex but I really wanted to study and learn more..

I had heard that the London School of Sports Massage was the best place to learn all of the best Massage techniques as it had a great reputation with both founder Mel Cash, still very much involved with the day to day teaching at the college, and a high level of accreditation (level 6 now). Coincidentally the course was held at the Regents College in Regents Park, directly opposite my old school! This course was the best thing that I had ever done. There are so many opportunities to expand on what I've learnt. I've been given a great opportunity to learn and practice my skills here at Lushington chiropractic. The scientific studies are constantly discovering that massage can help to improve so many conditions.


I'm an active person and I love training and taking part in endurance events like Triathlon, sea swimming and road racing and it's great to see so many people trying the new events that are out there.

I'm interested in the body: how it moves, how it works, why it becomes dysfunctional and out of balance.

From a massage perspective, keeping people active and doing what they enjoy is my priority - this is why I have made it my profession. I've always been involved in body work of one type or another. I began dancing at an early age starting with Tap and have since travelled to and studied dance forms in Brazil, India and Africa .. taking part in intensive training camp style courses. I've also been a student of the Laban and Phoenix schols of dance.

Alongside this i've enjoyed Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and have witnessed how yoga & Pilates improve posture,  muscle tone and of course flexibility. Many practitioners, including myself, will give guests Yoga stlye stretches to do as a part of their rehabilitation program. There are an extensive range of Yoga and pilates courses available here in Eastbourne.

My earliest experience of massage was when one of my dance teachers was studying 'Shiatsu' - a Japanese style that adjusts the bodys' physical structure for balance and complete energy flow. ( All over the world there are different forms of massage), She practised this on me and I was inspired to understand more. I began to realise that health and wellbeing do not just come about by accident, you have to work hard to keep all of the systems of the body in balance.

During my time dancing and running etc. I have had my share of injuries- torn muscles and stress fractures,  over-use injuries and degeneration. I sought out treatments and often, in the early years, did not know where to look or who to see. It did take some time to find treatments from people that I responded  well to and that I really enjoyed, this is important.  My experience of massage therapists working on me in very different ways,  the osteopathic and acupuncture treatments I recieved and the other more subtle techniques that i've tried have  helped me develop my own style of treatment too. I integrate these experiences with my professional training in a customised way for each individual.

As a therapist  i'm interested in helping people who are in pain or discomfort or who just need a little help relaxing. I have some good experience with athletes, GB runners and youngsters, begginer runners young and old, cricketers, tennis players, rugby enthusiasts and swimmers. Remedially, I use massage to help guests with fatigue, muscle soreness and immuno dysfunction disorders such as Lupus and Fibromyalgia with good results. My varied massage guests from the Eastbourne clinic have confirmed that their symptoms have improved and they feel more relaxed post treatment. Massage can also be effective when used on stroke patients. Some techniques, working towards the spine for example and gentle mobilization help to stimulate the system.

I still like to travel and i've been working with groups of cyclists riding across the Alps and the Dolomites in France and Italy. The 7 day stage races that they attempt are severe and it helps to have a massage at the end of each day to recover as much as possible. I enjoy meeting new people from Eastbourne and all over and listening to their stories about their lives and families.

Since qualifying at the LSSM i've continued studying.  Recently I went on a 'gait analysis' biomechanics course looking at improving running efficiency by changing technique and a Myofacial release technique workshop, a subtler way of moving the skin and muscles.

During a treatment at the Lushington clinic in Eastbourne I will assess a guests posture, mobility and muscle tone, looking for areas of dysfunction and imbalance and formulate a plan of treatment to ease pain and discomfort . Working towards full rehabilitation may mean doing some stretches, strength and conditioning or mobilization at home.

Massage is a great therapy! 


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Event: Health Talks

We've been doing Chiropractic Health Talks at the clinic. Until now they've only been open by invitation. However, they've proven so popular that we've scheduled more talk times and are opening them up to all our guests. 

So, if you want to find out how to look after your spine better; what's the best position to sleep in; what the best posture exercises are and how your spine and nervous system work to maintain your health then call 01323 722499 and we'll save you a place

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Event: New addition to the chiropractic team

New addition to the chiropractic team

Our newest Doctor of Chiropractic is Deborah Ben-Shah. She originally comes from Los Angeles, California and is the newest chiropractor to join our team at Lushington Chiropractic. She is registered with the General Chiropractic. Council and has been practicing in England for nearly two years before she joined us in Eastbourne. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic not a Medical Doctor.

Dr* Ben-Shah (*courtesy title, not a medical qualification) earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah, in America. She then went on to pursue her career in Chiropractic and graduated Magna Cum Laude, earning her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 2002 from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles.

As well as all these years studying, she has over 13 years of clinical experience. She has treated all sorts of patients which vary from patients with sports injuries, pregnant patients, toddlers, senior citizens, etc. and is looking forward to helping you with your health care needs as well. 

Dr Ben-Shah has a strong commitment to her community and the wellness of others. Whether working with disadvantaged youths and senior citizens as part of charitable trusts, she has always enjoyed working with people and brings with her a sense of compassion and a genuine concern for the wellness and well-being of others. 

Her approach to treating people is one where she educates and encourages her guests (patients) to take an active role in the improvement and maintenance of their health. She knows that patients get better when they take an active role in their wellness and do their exercises as well as any simple lifestyle changes that will help. 

Dr Ben-Shah has a gentle but effective approach to treating her guests. She encourages two-way communication with them to make sure that the guests treatment goals are staying on track.

You’ll find that she is very warm, friendly, and kind and it is not difficult to feel at ease around her. 

In her spare time, Dr Ben-Shah enjoys traveling and meeting new people from around the world. After visiting England many times, she fell in love with it, which is why she moved here. She was drawn to Eastbourne because of the clinic.

We’re delighted Dr Ben-Shah found us. She’s the perfect fit for us; she’s highly experienced, hard-working, ethical, fun, enthusiastic and caring. Her focus on the community and genuinely caring about her guest’s wellbeing, which is at the heart of all we do.

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Event: Ne addition to the massage team

Oly has completed both an MSc degree in Applied Exercise Physiology and BSc Hons degree in Sports Science both studied in Eastbourne at the University of Brighton. After graduating Oly went on to complete his Level 3 personal training qualification and has been providing an elite and professional personal training/strength and conditioning service over the last 5 years.

Oly has worked with a broad spectrum of clientele ranging from national champions and elite athletes, providing research and scientific reports to professional sports clubs, training elderly and sedentary clients to clients with special needs and clients needing physical rehabilitation. Oly finds each field is as fascinating and rewarding as the other!

Oly has always been involved in sports and fitness from a young age as it has always been his main passion in life, so to develop his career in it seemed the right choice. Oly enjoys helping others improve themselves and take great pride when witnessing clients reach their goals and achieve what they desire.

In early 2014, Oly expanded his personal training business into sports massage therapy, it was a natural progression for him and complemented his PT business nicely. Since then his business as a therapist has grown nicely and even took him to the highest level in sport as he was recruited by the Samoan Rugby Team to assist the physiotherapists in treating the players during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Oly recently completed a course in kinesio-taping from RockTape learning different taping techniques such as Dynamic Postural, Symptom Relief and Power Taping which he has applied to many of his clients with great results. Oly is always looking to continually develop and has many more professional development courses on the horizon.

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Event: Pancake day

We enjoyed some delicious pancakes cooked by Vicky and James on Pancake day!

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Event: Wellbeing Open Day

The day was a great success! We had a great many people visit throughout the day and all the talks were packed out with standing room only!

The chiropractors booked more new guest appointments than ever before and the massage therapists sold a large number of double massage vouchers

We had so many visitors we sold out of hot dogs!


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Event: New Team member

We are very pleased to introduce Theresa, our newest member of the clinic assistant team

She is looking forward to meeting all of our lovely guests


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Event: 1066 Day out


We have had some great fun recently at the 1066 Target sports centre in St Leonards


We have discovered that we are a very competitive crowd!

James and the chiropractors went first and that was fiercely competitive but great fun with just the one minor injury!

The next visit was with the clinic assistants and massage therapists and James

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Event: Wreath making

James very kindly arranged for the Clinic Assistants to have a morning in the woods at Bates Green Farm at Arlington to learn how to make a Christmas wreath

We had such a good time out in the fresh air foraging for things to decorate our wreaths with after we had learnt how to make the base out of willow twigs

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Event: Lushington Christmas party

On Saturday 3rd December we had our Christmas party at Bill’s restaurant

There was 20 of us as we are now a very large team!

A great time was had by all with no sore heads the following day as we knew we were doing the Santa run!

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Event: We did the Santa Fun Run!

On Sunday 4th December we did the Santa Fun Run from the sovereign centre to holywell. It was great to see so many people supporting the run which was in aid of the charity myaware which helps people with the rare muscle weakness disease called Myasthenia Gravis.


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Event: Thank you Herald!

Thank you to our local newspaper 'The Herald' for a lovely article about us celebrating 10 years of Lushington chiropractic

It says some lovely things about us that we are very proud of

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Event: Cycled 43 miles

Posted by Lushington Dc · 24 March 2014 ·

Hard day training on Sunday. Cycled 43 miles:)

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Event: Anglo European College

Had a great 2 day weekend seminar at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic by the renowned Dr Craig Liebenson, one of the leaders in functional rehabilitation. Dr Liebenson teaches the rehab continuum: Stability to Performance highlighting that proper functional movement is essential for all from finding the key weak link in those people in pain to the top athletes looking to improve performance and prevent injury. Great stuff! Dr Sarah ( Dr of chiropractic not medical Dr)

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Event: United Chiropractic Association Spring Confer

Dr Revell and the Practice Manager attended the United Chiropractic Association Spring Conference on Saturday 10th March. This was a fantastic day and they have brought back some great ideas inspired by the international speakers at the conference.

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Event: Halloween is over but

Halloween is over but I had to share this picture of Harrison who loves coming in with his mum for her adjustments! He baked an organic cupcake for me which was amazing!!!! We didn't run a competition for the best dressed over the Halloween period but I think it may catch on for next year!

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Event: Easter Eggs

Thank you to those who took part in our competition guessing how many Easter Eggs were in the basket. We raised £80 for Barnardo's.
Congratulations to Scarlett who guessed the correct number of eggs.
Happy Easter

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Event: We're Open for the Bank Holiday

FB Link 4 June 2012 ·

We're Open for the Bank Holiday - and it's Tea and Cakes for all. Thank you for everyone's kind words already and thank you fro the donations to Dr Barnardo's.

We're Open for the Bank Holiday - and it's Tea and Cakes for all. Thank you for everyone's kind words already and thank you fro the donations to Dr Barnardo's.

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Event: National No Smoking Day

14th March is National No Smoking Day.
Have you ever tried to give up smoking but ended up going back to it at times of stress? Or perhaps it’s something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while, but have never quite got round to? Maybe you’ve tried nicotine patches, chewing gum, cutting down or using willpower, but found these methods to be only temporarily effective? Sue Drake Cognitive Hypnotherapist at Lushington Chiropractic may have a solution.

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Event: Conference

This weekend YOUR Clinic Assistant team went to a conferrence. They have
come back with some excellent ideas and can't wait to get started on Monday!

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Event: Open Day

Thank you to everyone who has wished us luck the OPEN DAY tomorrow! Lots of information, talks, free tasters and presents for every child! All day till evening too 12-2.30pm AND 5-7.30pm.

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Event: Christmas Elves

The elf costumes have arrived. Come and see the Clinic Assistants dressed up as santas helpers at our Open day 8th December. I think we should vote on who dresses up as santa, my vote goes to Dr Revell!!!

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Event: Fruity Friday

A big thank you to everyone who attended "Raw Juice" as part of Fruity Friday. I had a great time educating you guys on the benefits of juicing. I believe that the Ultimate Veggie Breakfast was a firm favourite which was a pleasant surpise (well for a few of you anyway). I'll make sure I post the recipes to all three juices very soon!

I hope to do more workshops / talks / DVD nights in the furture please let me know if there is anything that you would find interesting.

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Event: Wellbeing Open Day

Our famous summer Wellbeing Open Day will be on Wednesday 8th August from 10am till 2pm with a BBQ, Massage, Chiropody and Acupuncture tasters, chiropractic posture checks, talks on diet, exercise and health topics.

Everything is free at the Wellbeing Open Day –voluntary donations to Dr Barnardo’s Children’s Charity are accepted.

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To WIN dinner for two people at Deans Place, Alfriston plus various other prizes, just tell us Why You Love Lushington Chiropractic????

Write a piece on our page and we will enter this into our competition. The competition will be judged by Dr Revell and the winner announced by Dr Van Wyk at our Wellbeing Open Day on Wed 8th Aug. Good Luck

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Event: Hula Hoop Competition

31 July 2012 ·

We now have a hula hoop for our competition, the contest is now on! Who can hula hoop for the longest...

Let us know if you would like to join've got to be in it to win it!

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This November Lushington Chiropractic are supporting Movember.

Mo bro's Dr James, Dr Joe and Daniel Upton and not forgetting our Mo Sister's Dr Sarah, Ellie, Claire, Jade, Rachel, Sue and Jess.

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