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Chiropractors May Stay Open

Chiropractors and other medical services were specifically exempt from The Health Protections Regulations (Coronavirus Restrictions) that came into effect on 26th March 2020.

Traveling to and from chiropractic appointments was also listed as being appropriate even during the tightest phase of coronavirus Lockdown.

But it needs to be done properly

At Lushington Chiropractic we will always prioritise your health. We closed for a period of the Lockdown in order to get our procedures and infrastructure to the point where we can safely deliver services to our patients.

We are now open and continue to do everything we reasonably can to protect the health and wellbeing of our patients and our team.

A Message from the Clinic Director:

We’re open but of course, it’s not simply back to normal. We’ve made widespread changes to prioritise your and our team’s safety and wellbeing. So, if you’re suffering then rest-assured, we’re well prepared.

We’ve made widespread changes at the Clinic. In fact, we’ve created over 60-pages of risk assessments, policies and procedures that to keep you (and our team) safe.

We have rigorous cleaning, PPE and social distancing measures in place. We’ve halved the number of appointments we see to space things out.

We’re also risk assessing each patient’s case individually. So, if you have any worries or concerns just call and your chiropractor will prioritise your concerns and needs.

If you’re’ suffering and in need of a check-up call (01323) 722499 to find out more.

Rest assured we’re taking all the right precautions, some of which are listed below.

If you have any questions or concerns then give us call or email. Your chiropractor will help you and prioritise your health and your personal situation.

Call (01323) 722499.

Warm regards,

James Revell Clinic Director
Licentiate Royal College of Chiropractors
Member British Chiropractic Association

What We're Doing to Protect You:

We’re keeping up to date on the latest science, specialist guidance and advice.

Everyone who comes here has to wash their hands when they arrive and follow our safety protocols when they’re here.

We've reduced the number of appointments to allow for social distancing.

We're constantly cleaning the clinic.

There’s a wash basin in every room with anti-bac soap strong enough to kill Covid-19 (and alcohol sanitizer 70% - available throughout the clinic too).

We're keeping doors open to keep the air flowing.

We've adapted our reception area to accommodate social distancing, protecting you and our team.

We’ve changed our rooms and benches to allow for social distancing as well as the constant cleaning and disinfecting.

We’ve even installed specialist UVc (ultra-violet) Germicidal Radiation Tubes in the treatment rooms (click here for more info) in addition to our cleaning routines.

What We're Doing to Protect You:

Your chiropractors are up to date with all the latest PPE, they’re wearing face masks, gloves, eye protection and aprons.

They're washing their hands, dis-infecting the bench and cleaning anything you've touched in the room before and after every treatment.

The chiropractors are considering everyone’s case individually and when needed they’re taking extra action to keep you extra safe (call in advance if you have any concerns).

Remote Treatment and Advice:

We’re promoting remote-treatment and self-help.

We’ve been carrying out telephone or video assessments which have proven very popular and we’ve written lots of self-help blogs available at

What You Need to Do:

Wash your hands thoroughly when you arrive.

Bring a towel to your appointments.

Please don't arrive early or bring unnecessary people with you.

Please complete our Covid-19 Declaration form before you come.

And of course, do not come if you suspect you have Covid-19 symptoms.

Worried? Or got any questions?

If you’re worried about anything at all, then give us call or email to speak to our team friendly and knowledgeable team who will prioritise your health and your personal situation.

Call 01323 722499.

You can read more about the precautions we’re taking on our Chiropractic and Coronavirus blog here: