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Event:It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

We wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and a HUGE THANK YOU for your support with leaving us a google review.

Don't forget to look after yourself during the lead up to the festivities and during. Here are some top tips to keep you tip-top.

  1. When we get the wrapping paper out and wrap all our presents. This year try not to do this on the floor as this causes you to round your back. I know that whenever I have done this I feel very stiff afterwards, so now I always do this on the table to protect my back.
  2. As cold weather approaches low humidity coupled with those festive drinks can cause dehydration. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  3. Christmas is a time for joy and celebration, but it can also be a time of stress and tension. If you’re feeling that tension build then check out our blog on Avoiding Conflict at Christmas It’s well known that Christmas day is one of the most high-pressured days of the year. If you’re struggling at any point – you’re not alone. Read these tips, relax and breath.
  4. Take care of your feet in winter.  Your feet are affected by climate, if temperature fluctuates, the skin is left hot or cold. When your feet feel the cold, it means our blood supple to the top layer of the skin has been reduced to preserve heat. No wonder they get as dry as chapped lips even without being exposed to the elements!
  5. Don’t forget yourself! Christmas is often a time for thinking of family and friends. All that Christmas shopping and preparation. Take a moment to recall what you most loved about Christmas as a child – what were your traditions? What made you excited?  And I would invite you to recreate this for yourself – take a moment to take a breath, to be still and enjoy the moment.

And on that Christmas present list for everyone else perhaps add some little special something just for you.

Happy Christmas Everyone.


Christmas Opening Times

Saturday 21st   8am to 1.30pm

Monday 23rd    8am to 7pm

Tuesday 24th    8am to 2pm

Wednesday 25th Closed

Thursday 26th Closed

Friday 27th       8am to 7pm

Saturday 28th  8am to 1.30pm

Monday 30th    8am to 7pm

Tuesday 31st   8am to 3pm

Wednesday 1st Closed

Thursday 2nd  8am to 7.30pm

Friday 3rd       8am to 7pm

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Event:Locked Room

The team recently enjoyed a great time at The Locked Room Eastbourne!

Great fun was had by all

Definitely worth a visit!

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Event:Tips To Wellness

A Wellness Lifestyle

True wellness is only going to be achieved through effort and lifestyle change, not the latest fad. Fads are only temporary and a return to the past lifestyle is inevitable. If you’re going to put energy toward something in your life, developing a wellness lifestyle will be a much more rewarding experience.

With the help of your Chiropractor, begin making small but lasting changes.

Steps to Wellness 

Step 1 – Talk to your Chiropractor about your desire to make a true change toward wellness. Base your decision upon the three common stressors to your health and wellness, then prioritise the areas of improvement that you would like to address in your current lifestyle.

Step 2 – Based upon your priority list, choose one area to make the initial change, then live with that change for 30 days. When you feel you have accomplished a new level in wellness select another lifestyle goal based upon your priority list.

Step 3 – Routinely discuss your priority list with your Chiropractor continuing to look for areas of needed improvement.

Your Chiropractor is there to help you be the best you can be.

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Event:Get Connected

Spinal Awareness Week 2019: Switch off to ‘reconnect’

For Spinal Awareness Week this May 2019, we're joining the "Get Connected While Disconnected’ campaign to help drive home the message that people should switch off from tech for periods of time each day, in order to reconnect with the real-world things that are essential for good physical and mental health.

It's not just physical conditions that are of concern, tech is also affecting the emotional side of health. People are finding that being stuck behind screens is leaving them feeling lonelier and less connected to friends and family, simply because they’re not having true 1-2-1 interactions. We think we’re being brought closer together, when in fact we’re being driven further apart by technology in that respect.

But getting people to switch off is a huge challenge. Try and create times in the day to take a break away. Give yourself time offline, don’t walk around with the phone in your hand 24/7. We recognise that technology is a great advancement. But we should be measuring that against our own health needs.

For good health, we need activity, human contact and positive emotions, fresh food, quality sleep and a healthy nervous system. Often, the exact opposite is happening – inactivity and poor posture, loneliness and anxiety, unhealthy eating, poor sleep and a brain/body disconnect.

Health issues don’t happen all of a sudden; they’re built up over time.  It’s the little day in, day out repetitions that create the problems. Prevention is better than cure.

Here are 5 tips to help you reconnect:

Move: Be as active as you can.

Be social: Have regular catch-ups with family and friends.

Eat well: Prepare your own packed lunches and meals as much as possible, using healthy choices.

Rest:  Switch off all tech a good period of time before going to bed.

Take care of the nervous system: Restore the brain/body connection via treatments & adjustments.


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Event:DIY Survival Tips

Be alert to the warning signs of injury.

Back Pain and DIY

Much back pain is due to the prolonged stretching of tendons and ligaments in the back.  If this strain continues it can lead to a gradual loss of support for your spine and joint wear and tear. Pressure can also increase on the spinal nerves and cause pain elsewhere. The result is often mild injury, such as an ache in the lower back.

Ignoring Pain

Many people believe that aches are temporary and ignore them thinking that they will go away. Never work through the ache, it is a sign that something is wrong.  If you continue to aggravate the injury then further damage can occur to the soft tissue structures that may lead to sharper pains.  The body's response to this is to lock down the affected area by making the muscles in that region spasm, to try to prevent further injury.

Simple Guidelines

So that you feel great to enjoy the fruits of your labour, here are some simple guidelines to help ensure that improving your home does not become a pain in the back:

  1. Lifting and Carrying

Always lift heavy weights extremely carefully.  Approach them slowly, getting a firm grip, bend your knees and keep your back straight, taking the weight with your legs and not with your lower back.  Always keep the load close to your body and try not to twist on your legs, but turn your whole body instead.  If you have to move heavy loads either get help or use a wheelbarrow.  Most DIY centres now sell two wheeled trolleys, which are a good investment.

  1. Kneeling

It is always better to kneel on one leg rather than bending down repeatedly from the hips.  If you suffer from knee problems or osteoarthritis use a cushion to kneel on.  If you must bend, keep the lower back as hollow as possible.

  1. Workbench Levels

Your workbench should be a level that will allow you to work without bending forward from the hips.  It is wise not to stand in front of your workbench for long periods at a time without a break. 

  1. Varying the Tasks

Working constantly on one task means your movements are repetitive. This is the prime cause of strains and sprains. 

If possible, carry out short periods of activity on a variety of jobs rather than slogging away at the same one all day.

  1. Keep Warm

Chilled muscles are more easily strained, so keep yourself warm.  Wear several layers and take them off as you warm up.

  1. Rest Periods

However anxious you are to get the job done, it is sensible to take regular rest periods.  Sitting down with a cup of tea can make you feel better in the days to come too.  Not taking a regular break is as bad for your back as continually working in the same position.

  1. The Morning After

If, the next day, you find that you ache you must rest and recuperate. Should the pain persist, consult your chiropractor and we will advise whether you should apply heat or ice packs to the area, or whether you require treatment.


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Event:Bespoke Fitness Programmes


Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer Oliver Ody now has bespoke online fitness programmes available.

These are pre-made programmes or bespoke personalised programs.

All programmes come with video demonstrations and technical help for the exercises on the mypthub app which is free to sign up and download.

Oly will add tips and additional notes to the programmes.

Bespoke programmes suitable for all after analysis of a comprehensive consultation form which will help provide the best online training experience/programme possible.

To find out more visit his website to have a look at the packages and discounts available.

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Event:Dr Revell talks to the WI

There was a great turnout recently at the Hampden Park Branch of the WI

James Revell talked to the audience of 60 about the benefits of chiropractic and ways of keeping yourself healthy and active

Well done James

Dr Revell

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Event:New massage therapist

For:Welcome Kim Brown

Hi my name is Kim Brown and i'm a sports massage therapist.

I live in Battle but have been coming to Eastbourne, for days out, for years.

I'm originally from London, after finishing my schooling at Marylebone Girls School I came to the Weald to work with horses at a hunter livery yard. I've always loved animals and outdoor life so it was great fun for me. After completing my British Horse Society exams I decided to go to Uni and studied Sports Studies at Brunel in London. I worked in several small gyms back in Sussex but I really wanted to study and learn more..

I had heard that the London School of Sports Massage was the best place to learn all of the best Massage techniques as it had a great reputation with both founder Mel Cash, still very much involved with the day to day teaching at the college, and a high level of accreditation (level 6 now). Coincidentally the course was held at the Regents College in Regents Park, directly opposite my old school! This course was the best thing that I had ever done. There are so many opportunities to expand on what I've learnt. I've been given a great opportunity to learn and practice my skills here at Lushington chiropractic. The scientific studies are constantly discovering that massage can help to improve so many conditions.


I'm an active person and I love training and taking part in endurance events like Triathlon, sea swimming and road racing and it's great to see so many people trying the new events that are out there.

I'm interested in the body: how it moves, how it works, why it becomes dysfunctional and out of balance.

From a massage perspective, keeping people active and doing what they enjoy is my priority - this is why I have made it my profession. I've always been involved in body work of one type or another. I began dancing at an early age starting with Tap and have since travelled to and studied dance forms in Brazil, India and Africa .. taking part in intensive training camp style courses. I've also been a student of the Laban and Phoenix schols of dance.

Alongside this i've enjoyed Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and have witnessed how yoga & Pilates improve posture,  muscle tone and of course flexibility. Many practitioners, including myself, will give guests Yoga stlye stretches to do as a part of their rehabilitation program. There are an extensive range of Yoga and pilates courses available here in Eastbourne.

My earliest experience of massage was when one of my dance teachers was studying 'Shiatsu' - a Japanese style that adjusts the bodys' physical structure for balance and complete energy flow. ( All over the world there are different forms of massage), She practised this on me and I was inspired to understand more. I began to realise that health and wellbeing do not just come about by accident, you have to work hard to keep all of the systems of the body in balance.

During my time dancing and running etc. I have had my share of injuries- torn muscles and stress fractures,  over-use injuries and degeneration. I sought out treatments and often, in the early years, did not know where to look or who to see. It did take some time to find treatments from people that I responded  well to and that I really enjoyed, this is important.  My experience of massage therapists working on me in very different ways,  the osteopathic and acupuncture treatments I recieved and the other more subtle techniques that i've tried have  helped me develop my own style of treatment too. I integrate these experiences with my professional training in a customised way for each individual.

As a therapist  i'm interested in helping people who are in pain or discomfort or who just need a little help relaxing. I have some good experience with athletes, GB runners and youngsters, begginer runners young and old, cricketers, tennis players, rugby enthusiasts and swimmers. Remedially, I use massage to help guests with fatigue, muscle soreness and immuno dysfunction disorders such as Lupus and Fibromyalgia with good results. My varied massage guests from the Eastbourne clinic have confirmed that their symptoms have improved and they feel more relaxed post treatment. Massage can also be effective when used on stroke patients. Some techniques, working towards the spine for example and gentle mobilization help to stimulate the system.

I still like to travel and i've been working with groups of cyclists riding across the Alps and the Dolomites in France and Italy. The 7 day stage races that they attempt are severe and it helps to have a massage at the end of each day to recover as much as possible. I enjoy meeting new people from Eastbourne and all over and listening to their stories about their lives and families.

Since qualifying at the LSSM i've continued studying.  Recently I went on a 'gait analysis' biomechanics course looking at improving running efficiency by changing technique and a Myofacial release technique workshop, a subtler way of moving the skin and muscles.

During a treatment at the Lushington clinic in Eastbourne I will assess a guests posture, mobility and muscle tone, looking for areas of dysfunction and imbalance and formulate a plan of treatment to ease pain and discomfort . Working towards full rehabilitation may mean doing some stretches, strength and conditioning or mobilization at home.

Massage is a great therapy! 


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Event:Ne addition to the massage team

Oly has completed both an MSc degree in Applied Exercise Physiology and BSc Hons degree in Sports Science both studied in Eastbourne at the University of Brighton. After graduating Oly went on to complete his Level 3 personal training qualification and has been providing an elite and professional personal training/strength and conditioning service over the last 5 years.

Oly has worked with a broad spectrum of clientele ranging from national champions and elite athletes, providing research and scientific reports to professional sports clubs, training elderly and sedentary clients to clients with special needs and clients needing physical rehabilitation. Oly finds each field is as fascinating and rewarding as the other!

Oly has always been involved in sports and fitness from a young age as it has always been his main passion in life, so to develop his career in it seemed the right choice. Oly enjoys helping others improve themselves and take great pride when witnessing clients reach their goals and achieve what they desire.

In early 2014, Oly expanded his personal training business into sports massage therapy, it was a natural progression for him and complemented his PT business nicely. Since then his business as a therapist has grown nicely and even took him to the highest level in sport as he was recruited by the Samoan Rugby Team to assist the physiotherapists in treating the players during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Oly recently completed a course in kinesio-taping from RockTape learning different taping techniques such as Dynamic Postural, Symptom Relief and Power Taping which he has applied to many of his clients with great results. Oly is always looking to continually develop and has many more professional development courses on the horizon.

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Event:We did the Santa Fun Run!

On Sunday 4th December we did the Santa Fun Run from the sovereign centre to holywell. It was great to see so many people supporting the run which was in aid of the charity myaware which helps people with the rare muscle weakness disease called Myasthenia Gravis.


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Event:Thank you Herald!

Thank you to our local newspaper 'The Herald' for a lovely article about us celebrating 10 years of Lushington chiropractic

It says some lovely things about us that we are very proud of

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