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Podiatry / Chiropody

Apart from the common issues like corns and callus or nail disorders, a number of disorders such as diabetes can affect your feet and there might also be a case of functional and or structural disorders that Daniel has the knowledge to help with.
Marie provides a range of services such as:

• Surgery Appointments, Home Visits
• Biomechanics / Gait Analysis
• Bunions
• Corns and Callous
• Diabetic Foot Care
• Footwear Advice, Custom made Orthoses
• Fungal Nail Infections
• Hard Skin and Cracked Heels
• Ingrown Toe Nails
• Kids Foot Care
• Routine Chiropody / Podiatry
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Verrucae
• Nail Disorders

Your Feet...

Why should you start to look after them?

Your feet have a direct impact on the rest of your body, like the foundations of your house, your feet support the weight of everything above them.
The slightest misalignment of bones or muscles may cause a chain reaction of adjustments in your walking mechanics or posture. This reaction can put stress on joints higher up in your body and lead to more serious problems.

If you suffer from painful feet you are not alone. Many people suffer from painful feet but most wait until the pain becomes unbearable before addressing the problem.

Call to discover how a Chiropody foot care treatment can help you and your feet.

Foot Facts – Did You know?

Ill-fitted shoes are known to cause around 70% of most foot problems

The wear and tear of life and common defects in foot structure means that we are damaging our feet unnecessarily.

Just over 9.5 million (16%) of the population seek podiatry care.

A child just learning to walk takes approximately 176 steps per minute.

Did you know that your feet have a quarter of all the bones in your body - 26 bones they also have 23 muscles?

Your feet take the pressure of about 3-4 times the weight of your body when running.

It’s estimated that a person will walk over 100,000 miles during their life, that’s nearly 4 times around the world

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